Thursday, August 5, 2010

Gender: Who's Solving the World's Biggest Problem?

Thursday's topic is gender. 

What's the world's biggest problem? Care to guess? My guess is overpopulation. Too many people has lead to almost all the other problems we have.

The environment? Running out of Oil? Pollution? Global Warming? All can be traced back to having a lot of people. Overpopulation is an important problem we have to deal with. Let Hans Rosling explain a bit about the problem. Two videos provide a good overview of what we're in for and what may work to solve the problem.

Turns out that one group is doing a great deal to solve the problem of overpopulation. Women. The Scientific American article The Reproductive Revolution: How Women Are Changing the Planet's Future explains this unexpected and welcome phenomena. Once again women are leading the way and changing the world.

The world's population is expected to peak mid-this century. If we manage to feed everyone the population should then slowly decline. The problems of overpopulation will be with us for a long time but now with a twist. Instead of extra new mouths to feed we'll end up with fewer children and an aging population as we stop replacing all of ourselves generation after generation. One challenge will lead to another. Women will be key to helping all of us through the upcoming challenges.

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