About Me

Hi, welcome to The Longer Web. I'm David - the guy running this place. I live and work in Toronto Canada.

First a big disclaimer and apology that I don't sound as interesting as most people online:

I don't own my own company. I'm not looking for a co-founder or an angel investor. I don't have a sexy sounding web 2.0 job. I don't have a portfolio and a list of clients prominently displayed on these pages. I don't keep my resume online here either. I'm not fashionably young and haven't been for a while. I've been a nerd and a geek since before the fashionably young were born. I've been geeky before being geeky was cool and/or hot (take you pick). I was on the social 'net when BBSs ruled the world and I don't feel the need to live parked on the social web every moment of every day. I'm not a digital Luddite - didn't I say I've been a geek for a long time? Digitally - I've been there and done that and outgrew the t-shirt (and I find polos more comfortable).

I work as a sysadmin at a regional Digital Imaging repository. I monitor the storage and retrieval of medical images from a group of hospitals in the province of Ontario. In the past I've worked hospitals. I've installed, repaired, upgraded, taught, supported, monitored, and helped manage at IT departments at hospitals across Toronto. Working in healthcare IT has shown me the amazing work small teams of great people can do with limited budgets and innovative approaches. All to help doctors, nurses, and clinicians help patients. Can you tell I like to go to work in the morning?

The Longer Web is my celebration of ideas and learning. A place I can collect links to longer bits of the web that make me think and catch my fancy. The manifesto covers my inspiration for this site.

Welcome to a celebration of the best of the long web.

David Govoni
  david @ thelongerweb . com