Friday, February 11, 2011

Science: The Myths of Evolution

Okay... maybe not myths... how about misconceptions, incorrect ideas, and conclusions drawn with insufficient knowledge of how evolution works? That's a more accurate title and description of Evolution: 24 myths and misconceptions at New Scientist. Though I'll admit their title is pithier.

Evolution is one of the most amazing concepts science has ever come up with. To me it's an idea that seems so obvious in retrospect that it's amazing anyone can try and deny that evolution is happening all the time. But evolution is one of those simple topics that leads to lots of interesting and amazing conclusions. 24 myths... points out more than a few of those and hints at how a simple process can end up evolving something as wonderful and complex as us.

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LynnM said...

One of the smartest people I've read has doubts about the theory of evolution. I've only listened to a few clips but maybe it's a topic you're interested in at the moment:

Googling Berlinski on the evolution debate will also throw out some interesting points. I bring this up as a way to raise good objections.

Maybe I recommended Berlinski earlier in one of the math topics?