Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sports: Beyond Being a Master

Some sports have their senior circuit or leagues. A place where the old guard can play against each other without the young whippersnappers getting in the way. Golf has the Champions Tour for athletes over 50.

In many disciplines you are considered a master at the age of 35 or 45. But what happens when you go even older?

Bruce Grierson wrote The Incredible Flying Nonagenarian in The New York Times which looks at someone who's well beyond being a typical master. Olga Kotelko is continuing to set records in track and field at the age of 91.

There's always someone out at the edge of the bell curve. Someone who's health, stamina, capabilities, and abilities put almost everyone else to shame. Olga is such a person. Not everyone will turn out as healthy and athletic as Olga. Hopefully though she'll help us learn how more of us can be that fit and healthy that far into life. In the meantime she'll just keep amazing us with her feats.

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