Saturday, April 3, 2010

Math is Beautifully Simple?

Don't panic because the title of this post contains the word math in it. There isn't a formula or proper equation to be found. I started thinking about math because of an amazing short video called Nature by Numbers. There are some numbers in it but don't worry it's mainly visual.

Math may be the purist of the sciences. So much so that it seems like nothing but equations. But some complicated math topics can be explained with no equations at all. Here's an example from topology. It may hurt your brain a little but it's not that difficult to follow along. Or more precisely watch an example.

Here's How to Turn a Sphere Inside Out part 1, and part 2.

The video is a good explanation of the type of mental gymnastics that mathematicians go through.

Life is not just deep and mind expanding. Let's keep things light. First an animated, if somewhat shortened, version of Tom Lehrer's New Math (video). A classic song from 1965.

This animated version has a whole section cut out. A section about doing the problem in base 8 which includes one of the best lines in the whole routine:
Now, that actually is not the answer that I had in mind, because the book that I got this problem out of wants you to do it in base eight. But don't panic! Base eight is just like base ten really - if you're missing two fingers! Shall we have a go at it? Hang on..
And lastly if you don't think you're a math genius and you have problems with math don't panic. Abbott and Costello are here to help you understand how 13 times 7 equals 28. In case you missed it and were distracted by the donuts here is their proof repeated. They just replaced the donuts with vacuum cleaners.

Okay... I'll admit that 13 x 7 = 28 is an equation. However it isn't a proper equation therefore I didn't lie.



Lene Andersen said...

that first video just transfixed me...

Janet said...

I love the web. It has geek on it.