Thursday, May 20, 2010

Magnificent Obsessions?: Keeping a Head Above Water

When I first defined Magnificent Obsessions I said it was when "a person or group puts untold effort and time into building their site. Part of you will wonder why. Another part of you will be in awe of the dedication and energy." 

I think this falls into the category of 'why?' because this is about a site that shows people walking on water. Okay... running on water. Apparently speed is important to make it work.

Now there is an old joke about us Canadians believing that Jesus walked on water. We just figured it was the middle of winter. But the water in question here isn't ice.

You see if this was just a simple online video of someone walking on water of the unfrozen variety I wouldn't be too impressed. If it was just a single web page I wouldn't be too impressed. But when the video is put together with the quality of a commercial video and everyone takes the idea so seriously... well... how can I resist.

Liquid Mountaineering is relatively new. It may only qualify as a magnificent obsession in the making. (A proto-obsession?) But what makings it has. From the opening post that admits:
We are still pioneering the sport and the techniques to run across water, but we’re pretty sure it could be the next big thing. We're truly lucky to live in this historic time when technology and human skill come together to make the impossible possible.
Through the video of their adventures and achievements in the field... Liquid Mountaineering has so much potential. Let's hope they keep pushing the limits of technology, human stamina, and human credibility for a while yet.

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