Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gender: What if Society is Starting to Favour Women?

It's a simple question. What if our apparently inherently male dominated and male oriented society changes to be female dominated and female oriented? This simple question seems to me to break down into two more questions.

What would the transition from our current society to that new one look like? How would men and women work through the upheavals and issues? How would society find its new balance? Would it find a balance?

And what would the result be like? Would it be a more equitable and fair society? Would it be more empathic? Would it be more egalitarian? Or could it bring unexpected and unforeseen new issues of gender and equality?

Sounds like a farfetched question? Sound like we don't have to worry about it in our lifetime?

Not if the trends pointed out in Hanna Rosin's article The End of Men? are a taste of the future. We may have to start looking at those questions more seriously.

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