Monday, September 6, 2010

Math: So You Want To Be A Mathematician?

With school starting this seems like a good time to find out what it takes to learn a good cross section of modern math. Which leads to the aptly names How to Become a Pure Mathematician (or Statistician) website.

The main page is the overview and contains a few notes at the bottom. I don't suggest clicking on the stage links (ie Stage 1, Stage 2, etc). Since the site is created using blogger the Stage links show the posts for that stage but not necessarily in the correct order. Clicking on the links below the Stage headings is much more useful. Elementary Stuff is where to begin.

The site itself is nothing more than a collection of links to books and resources. Direct links in the case of resources and books that are online and amazon links to the rest.

Even if you don't want to become a mathematician or a statistician give the site a look. The list of topics and required readings is overwhelming. No wonder it's hard to become a mathematician.

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