Thursday, July 1, 2010

Obvious Sources (Canadian Edition): The National Film Board

Today is Canada day. July 1st 1867 the British North America act was enacted and Canada was created. So to celebrate, and realizing it's a holiday and no one wants to work too hard, here's a bit of Canadian history as presented by the National Film Board of Canada.

The Fate of America is an amazing documentary to watch. For two reasons. First, about an hour in Laurier LaPierre will give you an interpretation of the battle of Abraham which will change the way you look at Canadian history. Secondly I don't think any documentary has had me laughing out loud for a long time. The last 20 minutes or so are not to be missed.

The NFB is a national treasure. It has an interesting history in its own right. So many of it's most famous films are on the website and freely available to watch that you could get lost for hours. If you are Canadian you'll find every favourite you remember. And no matter what your background this is an invaluable collection of films.

On the more personal side I reminisced by watching "I don't know. Looks pretty tricky" aka Path of the Paddle: Doubles Whitewater

Happy Canada Day!


Janet said...

you're evil... a link to the NFB? seriously? do you ever want me to get off the computer?

I don't have time to watch all of those... maybe a quick fix of and then I'll log off.

David G said...

If people ever left the computer it would be harder to have The Longer Web.

I need to encourage people to stay online.

So stay. It's nice. We have pictures of cats with captions and an endless supply of things to amuse you. And there's some deeper stuff here as well.