Saturday, July 10, 2010

Staying Safe on the Roads

There are ways of subtly changing driver's behaviour to be safer on the roads. Yet the bulk of the responsibility rests with drivers themselves.

One of the biggest dangers on the roads are trucks. Accidents between two cars tend not to be as lopsided as accidents between cars and trucks. Don't believe me? Read some first hand advice. Dailykos has collected some entries from one of their forum members into the post Don't Want to Die Slowly, Mangled Beyond Recognition? (for TBK). The collected entries paint a vivid picture of the challenges of driving a heavy truck and what other drivers can do to stay as safe as possible. The writer, who goes under the name The Baculum King, also defends his advice that some had said has the air of "truckers rule the road" about it. He countered with:
While I freely acknowledge that the rules governing right-of-way apply equally to all road users, I also firmly believe that they are trumped, every time, by the Laws of Physics.
In the entire history of motorized transport not a single post-mortum appeal of a fine point of the rules of right-of-way has overturned the original verdict.
When being whisked around strips of pavement in self powered little metal boxes it is important to b careful of the much heavier boxes that are whizzing around with you.

Drive safe.

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