Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Games: Solving The Petals Around The Rose

I'm going to invite you in to a secret club. It isn't like fight club. You can talk about the club. What you can't do is explain the club's secret outright. Instead you have to let people figure out the secret themselves.

To join the club you need to figure out the secret of the game called Petals Around the Rose. Then you have to prove you know the answer without explaining your answer. After all the answer is a secret.

A person who knows the answer takes 5 regular dice. They tell you that every time you roll the 5 dice there is an answer. All they will tell you is the name of the game - Petals Around the Rose, that the answer is zero or an even number, and that they will tell you the answer for any roll of the dice. You have to figure out what the secret is.

You can't say the secret out loud. That's part of being in the club. So to prove you know the secret you have to give the correct answer to six rolls of the dice. If you can do it six times in a row then you've figured it out.

Want to become a member of the club? Then read Bill Gates and Petals Around the Rose. There's more then enough examples in the article to allow you to figure out the secret that you will then never mention to anyone directly.

Let me know if you become a member of the club. Without telling me the secret of course.

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