Friday, October 1, 2010

Science: Understanding Electricity

Electricity is simple to understand right? You just read a grade school or high school textbook and you'll have a good basic understanding of what electricity is right?

Probably not.
Not according to William J. Beatty. He's the gentleman who showed how a single driver can help clear traffic jams.

His site has a whole section dedicated to misconceptions about electricity. Reading your way through the misconceptions will clear up a great deal. What most of us think about electricity is wrong. The truth isn't hard to grasp or understand. It's just not usually presented well.

It's not hard to read through the collected electrical misconceptions. At which point you can move on to the best explanation I've ever read on how transistors really work. It just builds on what you've worked through so far. If you've ever wondered how those miracles of the twentieth century work then this will help.

After you spend some time correcting yourself on all things electrical why not take a gander at his entire list of misconceptions and science myths in popular culture. If this is how bad most textbooks are then we're not being well served at all. Give William's site a read. You'd be amazed how much you can relearn.

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