Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Language: The Value of Online Writing?

There is a great deal of writing online. From tweets to Facebook updates. From blog posts to comments. From forum entries to corporate speak. All that and more is online for our consumption.

When it comes to text online there seem to be some sites that manage to make things interesting. These sites are able to make what they present valuable to us as readers. But what makes a valuable read? What captures our interest and then informs us? What characterizes some of the good writing online?

Alex Krupp took a stab at coming up with an answer in his post How writing creates value. I'd argue the title is a bit misleading. It's more an analysis of a certain type of writing online and its characteristics. I certainly think there is much writing of value that doesn't fit into his category. Most fiction wouldn't fall into the category of writing he's describing. But for those trying to make a dent online and have their writings read and appreciated... he gives interesting points to ponder.

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