Friday, October 22, 2010

Science: Maybe We Don't Know Bleep...

When it comes to misapplying science I have two particular beefs. One is that people take theories that they barely understand, let's say evolution, and apply it without much thought. The other is that people confuse technology with science.

Let me say this clearly. I'm sure I'll get back to it sooner or later. Science isn't technology. Science can be moved forward with technology. But science doesn't need technology. Great ideas and great thought experiments don't necessarily need technology to be worked on. The opposite is also true.

Technology isn't science. You don't need to know science to use technology. The principles of combustion are not required in order to light a fire. You don't need to know about computer chips and programming to use your cell phone.

So normally if I came across someone misusing the idea of evolution and confusing science and technology I'd be complaining.


Except that Joe Rogan of all people manages to make a very valid point about our society, technology, science, learning, and our future. And all while making me laugh. Go watch him discuss the devolution of stupid people.

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